Taking on the Challenge Series: Making it to Graduation

It is very important for the prospective college freshman to learn as much as possible about the college experience because those four years have a huge impact on the later years.  The book is full of tips and suggestion to help the college student be socially as well as educationally successful.  Although the book is “fun to read”, its sound advice will help a college student develop intellectually, socially, and academically


About The Author

Kay Lopate

Kay Lopate

Kay L. Lopate is Professor Emeritus from the University of Miami, Coral Gables, Florida in the Teaching and Learning Department in the School of Education. She is the co-founder of the University of Miami Reading and Study Skills Center. She served as Associate Professor for 26 years and taught undergraduate and graduate courses. For thirty years she taught for the Minority Motivation Summer Program sponsored by the University of Miami School of Medicine.

She was also a diagnostician for University of Miami medical students who were experiencing learning difficulty.

Dr. Lopate also has a private diagnostic center for students with learning disabilities, designed a tutoring program for Easter Seals, consultant to student athletic program, and diagnosed students from the Miami-Dade Juvenile Detention Center.

Dr. Lopate has presented scholarly papers at NADE, CLRA, FRA, and Dade Reading Council.

She is co-founder and a featured author of Pinecrest Street Company, Inc. The titles include A Handbook for Early College Undergraduates, How Parents Can Help Their College Student, and Making it in Medical School.

Dr. Lopate received her Ph.D in Reading and Education Psychology, her M.Ed in Reading and Learning Disabilities, and B.Ed. in Elementary Education all from the University of Miami.

Patsy Trand

Patsy Trand

Patsy A. Self, PhD., is an instructor of literacy and learning in the department of Teaching and Learning in the College of Education at Florida International University. For 25 years she was the faculty administrator for the Reading Lab, where she also taught First-Year Experience for the Honors College.

At the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Dr. Self served as a Graduate Assistant, teaching Reading and Learning to students in the Medical College. Dr. Self has also worked as a Reading Lab paraprofessional at Santa Fe College in Gainesville, Florida. She was an adjunct professor for the Medical School at the University of Miami, teaching Reading and Learning to students in the Medical School. In addition, she taught literacy to foreign doctors at Finley Society Post Medical School Miami, and she has taught at Gables Academy in Miami.

Dr. Self has presented scholarly papers, written grants, and published in peer-reviewed journals. She is co-founder of Pinecrest Street Co., Inc.

Dr. Self holds a Ph.D. in Reading Education from the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, and while there held a graduate assistantship to work with the College of Medicine’s program that helped minorities and women meet the rigors of reading and learning in medicine. She earned a Masters of Arts in Radio/TV Film from the University of Missouri, Columbia. Dr. Self’s undergraduate studies in communications were completed at Hampton University, Hampton, Virginia.

“Making it to Graduation” is a “must have” for anyone beginning college. Many instructors of college success courses say it is a favorite book and they highly recommend it for high school graduates who want to know more about what to expect in college. It is full of tips and recommendations seldom found in other books of this type. When someone begins reading “Making it to Graduation,” that person can rarely put it down! The overall goal of this book is to help students advance intellectually, socially, and academically. Two college professors wrote this book in response to the many capable students they saw who either received poor grades or who got lost in the vast college system. The result, “Making it to Graduation” is an artistic, up-to-date text with valuable pointers that are sure to save a lot of headaches and misunderstandings. The book is characterized as the “unwritten course” that is never taught but has the information that beginning college students are expected to know. Many parents and high school counselors have said that this text would be an excellent high school graduation gift and should also be a “required” text for college orientation.


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